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Title:Letter of Removal Request
Description:Dear Webmaster/Site Owner, We are reaching out to you in an effort to reduce the possibility of your website from receiving a Google ranking penalty. Our website, www.michiganlakerealestatehomes.com, was recently penalized by Google for artificially creating backlinks. Unfortunately we hired an SEO service that built backlinks in which violated Google's T.O.S. Your website was one site in which the company placed a backlink to our website. You can see the link from your website to ours on this page: http://optimisationdirectory.info/Real_Estate/page-5.html?s=H We highly recommend removing the backlinks pointed to our website. This will reduce the possibility that your website receives any penalties. According to Google, "Links to web spammers or bad neighborhoods on the web" can negatively affect websites. Our website has mistakenly been labeled as a bad neighborhood. By removing our links from your website there's a good chance that your site will increase in rankings AND not see any penalties in the future. Best Regards, Jerry www.michiganlakerealestatehomes.com
Link Owner:Jerry